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February 21, 2023 2 min read

Five reasons to take a reusable water bottle everywhere

It's no secret, we are insanely in love with Frank Green.

Frank Green are wildly enthusiastic about the planet. They are making brave moves towards stopping plastics from destroying the oceans and forests, endangering animals and threatening our future by creating environmentally sustainable products!

Collaborating with them has been a dream come true. We have loved adding a little Sister & Soul to their qualityceramic reusable drink bottles.

Available in blush pink or khaki and white with a splash and spill-resistant lid, these bottles have a durable stainless steel base, are triple walled and are vacuum insulated for temperature control. Possibly our favourite thing about these bottles is that it is BPA free.

frank Green Brave Light Pink Drink Bottle

We also love that they are ceramic lined for a better tasting beverage and are made from premium stainless steel. 

But why so much hoo-ha about a drink bottle? Well, the benefits of taking a stylish drink bottle with you are many.

Here are our top five reason why we take our water bottle everywhere. 

1. To improve our skin texture.

Drinking water regularly improves the elasticity of skin. It helps the skin regulate body temperature, reduces wrinkles, prevents pimples and acne, tightens skin and maintains a healthy glow. We like the sound of that. 

2. To prevent headaches.

Sometimes headaches are caused by dehydration.The brain and other tissues in the body contact with a lack of water. As the brain does this, it pulls away from the skull and puts pressure on nerves which causes pain. Drinking 3 litres a day prevents this from happening. 

3. To stay hydrated.

Staying hydrated is important for many reasons. Some include regulating body temperature, healthy joint and organ function,preventing infections,and delivering nutrients to cells. We lose fluid when we sweat, this means drinking more when it is hot is vital regardless of our activity level. 

4. to lose weight.

We know you are beautiful just the way you are and we celebrate women of all races, shapes and sizes. We are also extremely enthusiastic about women's health. We advocate for many causes that encourage the wellbeing of women. For us, weight loss is not about fitting into society's beauty standards; it's about being strong and healthy. Drinking waterincreases the body’s metabolism which leads to weight loss.

5. To look cute.

When it comes to drink-ware we know there are lots of options. However, no one really creates a cuter bottle than Frank Green. A multi-award-winner for product design, they truly are the most stylish on the market.

The only thing that could make these babies better is a touch of inspiration. That's where we come in. Our drink bottles come with words to motivate and uplift.

So sister, If you want to be proactive in taking more care of your body and soul, grab one of our unique drink bottles and drink water.

The benefits will change your life!

Frank Green Kindness Drink Bottle