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January 06, 2020 2 min read

Australian Drought & Bush Fires - Hearts are breaking for Australia - Pray for Rain!

It is hard to think about anything else at the moment our poor country is in crisis with bush fire and drought….beautiful people who’ve lost so much, our precious wildlife in danger, the amount of damage to the environment, brave people who fight to save our homes and our animals, I find myself distracted by all of this, watching the news to try and make sense of it all. Our amazing farmers are also doing it so tough, our dams are running out of water, the drought impacts all of us.

I think we all feel a bit like we are powerless and we are not sure what to do, our hearts are breaking for our fellow Australians. The spirit of Australians is one of bravery, courage, strength and mateship - we are better together, we strong and we will get through this. I am so inspired by the sense of community and camaraderie that rises up in times such as these. Hold tight to each other, there is still hope, there is still love.

We all wish we could do more, and often don’t know where to start or what to do so instead of doing nothing though, we should at least do what we can even if it’s small. I’ve always believed that small steps can make great change, and although it’s only a drop in the bucket Sister & Soul will donate 20% of profits this month to the RFS & WIRES because it’s something small we can do, it's not a huge fancy gesture but it's something practical. You can join us and donate too if you like, see the links below.


It is difficult to know where to throw your support being so much need in so many directions, for us as a small business we just needed to do something...although small. We have decided to donate part of our profits from January to the RFS we think the heart of a volunteer shows the best of the human spirit so the RFS we felt was a good place to start, and we are equally as heartbroken to see our precious Australian wildlife struggle to find water and to survive, we applaud the efforts of WIRES and felt we would send funds there also.  There are so many others doing amazing work like the Red Cross, we encourage you to put your love and support behind any of these organisations to help assist families in need, to rescue animals and to save lives and homes.

WIRES Donate to Wildlife Rescue Australian Bush Fires

It is so important we look after each other and love each other well at this time of crisis. It is important we focus on lending a hand to a neighbour and doing what we can.

...And if nothing else we can all pray, pray for rain, pray for safety, and that our country will catch a break. Keep loving each other, keep safe. Xoxo

Mel & the Sister & Soul Team


RFS Donate now - Australian Bush Fire Volunteers