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May 02, 2022 2 min read

What sounds better than a creative collaboration to raise money for women with real needs?

Nothing, right?! That's why we here at Sister & Soul are proud to join forces with a truly innovative company we love, Frank Green. Frank Green is wildly enthusiastic about the planet. They are making brave moves toward stopping plastics from destroying the oceans and forests, endangering animals and threatening our future. We love their environmentally sustainable products!

Sister & Soul is also passionate about creating a world led by care. We create affordable, meaningful and beautifully designed products that place value on womankind. We too dream of creating a better world by encouraging women to take a stand and believe in themselves bravely.


Frank Green X Sister & Soul Drink Bottle collaboration banner


Stay hydrated with this gorgeous premium reusable drink bottle you'll want to take everywhere you go. Not only does the bottle keep your drink cold (or hot) sales raise money for Breast Cancer research. A limited-edition, this bottle is really special. Let's take a closer look.

A ceramic reusable pink bottle available with musk or ruby pink ‘Brave’ print. The brave bottle is 20oz/595mil with an easy to fill splash and spill-resistant lid. It has a durable stainless steel base, is triple-walled and is vacuum insulated for temperature control. Possibly our favourite thing about this bottle is that it is BPA free plastic. We also love that it is ceramic lined for a better-tasting beverage and is made from premium stainless steel. 

Not only is the Brave Drink Bottle a superior product, but sales also support the important work of the National Breast Cancer Foundation. We here at Sister & Soul are proud long-time partners with the NBCF through our wildly successful Pink Collection which consists of pink jewellery pieces and inspirational apparel that champion women everywhere to stand together, support each other and amplify a message of hope, strength and bravery.

$5 from every Frank Green x Sister & Soul ‘Brave’ drink bottle sold will go directly towards the amazing work NBCF do in identifying and funding world-class research to improve the treatment of Breast Cancer in Australia and ultimately save lives. Isn’t that the best!!

We really do believe that small things can make a big difference and that supporting life-changing research can benefit all parties involved, including the planet. Yes, we have the power to do important work, make sustainable change and look really cute while doing it.

We hope you’ll purchase a “Brave’ Drink Bottle not only for yourself, your daughters, sisters, mothers, grandmothers, besties, aunts but especially for all the brave women battling cancer, so we can change statistics like these:

  • In Australia, every day, 8 women die from breast cancer. 3,000 lose their lives every year.
  • Daily, 57 people are diagnosed, and incidents are increasing with 1 in 7 women, and 1 in 716 men being diagnosed.
  • 80% of these cases occur in women over 50, although younger women are not free of the risk.
  • It is projected that 1000 women under 40 will be diagnosed within a year.

These statistics are shocking but also soluble. The Frank Green ‘Brave’ Drink Bottle is part of the solution and so are you.

Discover the perfect gift for all the girls in your world. For each reusable bottle Brave drink bottle sold, $5 will go directly towards the amazing work of NBCF. It's a win-win, sis! Shop now!