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You Are Amazeballs! - Pink Rhodonite Stone Ball Earrings (8704)

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Rosie Pink
Creamy Pink



Remind someone speciaI in your life that you think they are pretty amazing! These earrings available in a variety of stone colours, that can be matched back with our bracelet range. Hope you love these fun earrings.

RHODONITE is a gorgeous stone with pinky and cream swirly tones and with sometimes a hint of black, our bracelets and earrings can vary from pink to creamy times so we have given you the option to choose, our Rhodonite bracelets match beautifully these earrings. These beautiful stone beads remind us of strawberry & cream cuppa chups!

  • 8 - 10mm Pink Rhodonite Stone Ball
  • Backs - Silver plated Zinc Alloy
  • When this item is purchased with our budget postage option, to be able to keep postage low on this product (based on width) these earrings are packed loose in the packaging bag with gift card so that we can offer our low rate, it is easy to pop them into the pre punched holes on the gift card when you receive them.

Check out more cute earrings in our range and save on postage when you put them all together!

STYLE TIP: Make the perfect gift set by pairing these babies with our tortoises Rhodonite bracelets. 

Our stone ball earrings are created from natural stone, quartz and crystal beads. Imperfections and variations are characteristic, but add to the uniqueness of the piece. Pieces are not individually photographed, there may be some differences in characteristics from the images. All care is taken to only sell he highest quality products, all stone jewellery is carefully checked. 


CARE INSTRUCTIONS - Sister & Soul Earrings

We recommend that you treat each piece with care and follow these instructions:

  • Keep your earrings dry & free from creams, cosmetics and body products.
  • Chlorine & salt water can discolour and tarnish earrings. Avoid wearing them while showering, swimming or exercising.
  • Avoid all chemical contact.
  • Polishing your earrings will help to maintain shine and avoid tarnishg. 
  • Note: When silver and gold are exposed to air and the atmosphere, it causes a chemical reaction that creates something called Silver Sulphate. This sulphur creates the darkening referred to as tarnishing.