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  • September 26, 2022 3 min read

    We only get one life! It is our conviction that we are all here for a purpose.

    Dreaming big, having a vision for our lives, following our unique path is pivotal to not only experience happiness, but also to give the best of ourselves to others.

    You Sister, have something someone needs!

    Life will throw drama our way even when we are unwilling to catch it. It demands we become lovers and fighters for our dreams. To stay focussed we need to return often to stillness and spend time allowing ourselves to use our imagination. 

    We hope these seven inspiring word charms are useful in reminding you to take steps, no matter how small, towards your beautiful, wild dreams. 

    1. Imagine:

    to form mental images of things not present to the senses.

    There is immense value in entertaining the question, ‘What if…”. What if we spoke up? What if we followed our curiosity? What if we connected with that person? What if we decided to write that book, build that business, take that course, book that ticket, ask for help, practice that talent, follow that passion? 

    We believe we have been given an imagination for a reason. Using it regularly is not just an escape from trying circumstances, it is necessary to build a better world and a brighter future. 

    Stone Bracelet Imagine word charm

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    2. Dream:

    a succession of images, thoughts, or emotions passing through the mind.

    ‘Dream big’ means to allow thoughts and emotions to take us to places where our reality and desires are one. Using our minds to entertain the possibility of getting what we want can feel fickle, wasteful or even egotistical, however, often when we succeed, those around us benefit as well. 

    We believe we should all surrender to our own blooming and having a dream is the place to start.

    stone bracelet with word charm dream
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    3. Believe:

    to have confidence in the truth, the existence, or the reliability of something.

    Confidence isn’t always present, however, this ‘believe’ charm serves as a reminder to hope when hope feels to be long gone, and to hold on when all seems lost. Although we may not be able to choose our beliefs, we can call to attention the things we do believe that serve us well and lean into them.

    stone bracelet with word charm believe
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    4. Shine:

    to be bright with reflected light.

    Shining bright is simple really. All you have to do is love people well. Do what you love in service of others and you are sure to sparkle sister! You don’t have to be extraverted or extra talented. You don't have to be pretty or stylish - Shining bright is about reflecting the light and what is more luminous than love? 

    stone bracelet with word charm shine
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    5. Rise Up:

    surface; come up; rise; ascend; go up.

    You may think to ‘Rise up’ is to rebel. We prefer to see it as rising above oppressive circumstances, pushing against limiting trains of thought, overcoming obstacles and generally being a freaking courageous woman. 

    Rising up does not have to look or feel brave, although it is. Simple everyday things like getting out of bed, trying again or being kind to yourself can actually be an epic uprising.

    stone bracelet with rise up word charm
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    6. You got this:

    used to tell someone that you believe they can or will succeed.

    We think ‘you got this’ is an extremely powerful thing to say to yourself. Yep, as far as self-talk goes, these three little words are some of our favourites. Words like these help us conquer our giants, whether it be doing something for the first time or simply having a hard conversation.

    Wearing ‘you got this’ on the body, in the form of a charm or apparel calls our attention to the fact that we can win at whatever we set out to do. 

    Bead bracelet you got this
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    7. Never give up:

    to keep trying and never stop working for your goals.

    Setbacks can be soul destroying. It can take years to even get to the place where you can entertain trying again. This inspiring charm reminds us that life is not a sprint but a marathon, and we can, in our own time, find the courage to retry. 

    It is important to know that letting go and giving up are not the same thing. Letting go is what we all have to do in some seasons of life, for the sake of our health and wellbeing. Giving up is when we let self doubt get the better of us. You Sister, have what it takes to get up again.

    stone bracelet never give up charm