The heart of Sister & Soul

Our Ethos

Sister & Soul believes in sisterhood and seeks to inspire togetherness, courage, generosity, and kindness through providing products that are beautiful, affordable and meaningful. We think women everywhere need to know that they are precious and fearfully & wonderfully made. We design and create jewellery, apparel, and giftware that speaks to the heart. We hope that our pieces encourage women to make a stand and to believe in themselves bravely, and the women around them.

Our Inspiration

Experiencing the love of a Sisterhood sparked the beginnings of Sister & Soul, inspired by doing life with women who strengthen hearts and show kindness. Within this sisterhood, there is a place to be real, to share the good the bad and the ugly; a place where women pick each other up and cheer for each other. Such connections are precious, rare and to be encouraged! We know that together we are better. We're not perfect, but we are advocates for authenticity, we are passionate about 'keeping it real'. We are honoured to be able to create products that help you love and encourage yourselves and the women in your world.

Our Journey

Sister & Soul started after many creative coffee table conversations where friends dreamed of how they could stand alongside women and inspire them to be all that they could be, and to remind them that they are not alone, and that they are valued and loved. Soon our venture was off and running as many came to create, make, write and package for love and good coffee. With backgrounds in design, retail and management and through hard work and a bit of hustle, Sister & Soul has steadily grown into a thriving online business. We have big ideas for the future, and we never stop dreaming. We are so thankful to the women who shop with us, we are so inspire by your love and generosity for each other. Stick with us lovely ones, chat with us, tell us your story, give us feedback, we appreciate you! Watch this space!