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September 13, 2021 2 min read

When planning an event or conference there is one word that comes to mind. It should be ‘memorable’. There is nothing that creates a lasting impression like a gift, something to take home that reminds participants of the experience they had and the new things they learnt.

In our opinion, matching gifts to a theme is paramount when wanting to make a lasting long impact. When choosing a theme, consider the colour scheme, budget, what's on-trend, the season of the year in which your event is held and possible traditional expectations.

Once you have a strong theme, you can pick gifts that drive home a strong message and pop them into a conference swag bag. Event gifts should be affordable, size appropriate, and incite appreciation. Give a gift that participants will want to keep, whether because of its practicality, value or design. Gifts should make event attendees feel like thought and effort was given in its choosing. 

Here at Sister and Soul, we have extensive experience in events and conference gifts orders, sending merchandise in bulk statewide and overseas. 

Gifts for Women's Conferences


For ‘Flourish Women's Conference’ in Tasmania, we provided a range of floral necklaces with the word charm ‘flourish’. These gifts ticked all three boxes: affordable ✔ size appropriate ✔ and appreciated ✔. Conference attendees were given something valuable, meaningful and rare.

Another group from New Zealand ordered 4,000 bracelets choosing a beautiful word charm for their conference attendees. That complemented the keynote speaker's message. This word charm helped to reinforce her main points and incite a call to action.

Gifts for Women's Charity Events

Rose Quartz Bracelet Be still

Additionally, we delivered hundreds of rose quartz bracelets for a breast cancer research fundraising event. We love the thought of women opening together with a gift that not only ties them to an event but also a sisterhood. It is a great example of how gifts can be a powerful tool to spread the word and show solidarity to a charity, cause or corporate mission.

Gifts for Women's Church and Communities Groups

Necklaces Christmas inspired gifts

We have worked with businesses as they gather Christmas gifts for staff and school parent councils when organising mothers day events and appreciation gifts for teachers. Likewise, sporting clubs, schools, fundraising teams, creative, church and community groups have ordered our products as gifts in numbers from 50 to 10,000. Every event is different, so we believe that every bulk purchase should be given its own special attention to creating the perfect gift for each group.

More gifts ideas for Women's Events


Our beautiful collection of cute earrings are a popular choice amongst event organisers for their size and the cute earring cards that come in a range of designs. They are easy to wrap, pop inside an envelope together with a gift card, stick in unexpected places as lucky seat prizes or add to a traditional eco-friendly gift bag. Our range includes cutes studs earrings, charming dangles earrings, high-quality stainless steel studs and premium sterling silver earrings and more!

Contact us today to discuss how we can serve you by delivering bulk conference gifts that are suitable, cost-effective and truly add love to the edges of your event, making it memorable and one to which attendees will want to return time and time again.