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August 21, 2023 3 min read

Jewellery with a Cause: Empowering Women in the Fight Against Ovarian Cancer with Sister and Soul's Teal Collection

Sister and Soul's jewellery with a cause, Teal Collection is a must-have for anyone who not only appreciates unique and stylish jewellery but also seeks to contribute to a cause that resonates deeply.

Our  jewellery with a cause collection seamlessly weaves together elegance and purpose featuring a variety of Teal coloured jewellery pieces that are nothing short of stunning.The colour teal is prominent throughout the collection because this collection coincides with raising money and awareness in partnershipwithOvarian Cancer Australia

We hope our pieces help to bring women together to stand and support each other. $1 from each piece sold from the Teal Collection is donated to OCA.

Let's take a look at some of the gorgeous jewellery with a cause bracelets, pendant necklaces, keyrings and earrings available in this collection.


jewellery with a cause necklace

This beauty is all things bright silver, teal and frosty blue! Yes, Arctic Blossom has a clean polished look and is ready to wear with your favourite white pants suit or denim combo. We love the silver plated zinc alloy charm featuring the word 'family'. It is a great reminder to be grateful for those who position themselves close during the journey towards healing and recovery. 


jewellery with a cause bracelet

These beautiful Teal Marble Stone stone bracelets have stunning marble running through the beads. Being a flexible fit, they make the perfect gift for a girlfriend who may be battling ovarian cancer. Pick a charm that you think would make her feel loved and supported and mention to her that  $1 from your purchase is donated toward Ovarian cancer Australia. This is sure to show her that she means a lot to you. 


jewellery with a cause stud earrings

These stunning circle stud earrings feature a glass dome pattern, silver plated zinc alloy surrounds and push blacks. We love the colour combo of deep sea blue and teal and think they would look perfect with just about any blue or  natural coloured outfit.

Wear them anytime, anywhere and when someone compliments you on them, let them know they are more than just earrings. They are in fact part of a solution to stand with courageous women who should be championed. 


jewellery with a cause dangle earrings

We love these stainless steel silver dangle earrings. Teal featuring dainty white flowers, these babies are sure to turn heads. Nickel free, they are great for sensitive ears and with care will last for years to come. We recommend you check out the care instructions to see how these quality dangle earrings can remain beautiful, clean and shiny. 


jewellery with a cause leopard necklace

This teal leopard print design has got to be one of our favourites! For the woman who is fierce, fearless and fabulous this pendant necklace is the perfect way to express herself. Match it with a stunning teal bracelet or a pair of bright silver lagoon leopard studs and you have a jewellery combo made in heaven. 


Making a Difference and Embracing Hope Through Jewellery with a Cause

One of the values of OCA is to make sure no woman diagnosed walks alone. This speaks to our heart as we too value sisterhood and believe in the power of connection in helping women heal and rise. We believe when women come together to share their stories, experiences, and struggles, they create a space for mutual support and understanding.

Through this connection, women can find the strength to overcome challenges, confront trauma, and rise above adversity. By lifting each other up, celebrating small wins, offering a listening ear or a helping hand when needed, women can create a network of support that fosters growth, resilience, and healing.  

Discover additional information on how you can lend your support to Ovarian Cancer Australia here. It's important to remember that your contribution has the power to create life-changing differences.


So Sister, as you can see there are lots of beautiful jewellery with a cause pieces to choose from. Head over to Sister & Soul store to explore the full range available.