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  • July 04, 2022 3 min read

    1. (in African American usage, often as a form of address) a Black woman.
    2. a woman whose thoughts, feelings, and attitudes closely match those of another; a kindred spirit.

    While it is true that all women do not have a kindred spirit, a friend whose thoughts, feelings and attitudes closely match those of their own. It is clear that Soul Sister relationships do exist and are beneficial. 

    If you are on the hunt for a Soul sister, it is important to know that she can come into your life at any time, in any form (any age, nationality, or socioeconomic status). We also acknowledge that not everyone desires a Soul Sister, and that's ok. Some are content with their own company or relationships that look different to sisterhood.

    Here at Sister & Soul, we love hearing stories about how Soul Sisters found each other. We believe there is nothing lovelier than women standing shoulder to shoulder, supporting each other.

    And so, to celebrate Soul Sister relationships, let's highlight the qualities that make them so special. 


    1. Soul sisters can be completely themselves and feel no judgement.

    Doesn't that sound wonderful! To have someone who loves you as you are. To be part of a friendship where neither has to tippy-toe around out of fear of offending the other. Be free to be yourself knowing the other will think the best of you. Friendships like this are rare. Most people have few relationships where they can be vulnerable and feel comfortable. However, Soul Sisters are too busy loving, supporting and cheering each other on to have time to judge.


    2. Soul sisters enjoy the many ways they are alike and respect their differences.

    It may seem too good to be true to have someone in your life that loves what you do. However, this is not a soul-sister sign. What makes a soul sister is how she respects what is different between you. Things go smooth because you regard each other highly and attempt to express it often. Soul sisters understand that differences make the relationship exciting and that even when you strongly disagree, there is still love.


    3. Soul sisters defend and protect each other's name and reputation.

    Yes, a Soul Sister consistently shows her devotion to the friendship by proactively protecting the bond between you. Soul Sisters don't take a back seat when you are wronged. They do not gossip about you behind your back. They keep things communicated in confidence to themselves. When they hear lies said about you, they politely correct those perpetuating untruths.  


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    4. Soul Sisters share 'in jokes'.

    'In jokes' are private situational jokes that are often only funny to those in a certain place, at a certain time, experiencing a certain thing together. Soul Sisters share 'in jokes' because they spend a lot of time alone and see the world in a similar way. Also, they often have the same sense of humour and many shared memories.


    5. Soul sisters dream of a future together.

    Soul Sister sees the friendship last forever. Even if one was to move to the other side of the world, Soul Sisters still make time to connect and celebrate milestones together. They plan to be in each other's lives no matter what may come their way.

    They write, call, visit, send packages to each other through the mail, and do what is needed to stay close while having the freedom to purchase the life they dream. They love each other well and plan to continue to do so permanently.


    6. Soul sisters see the success of the other as their own.

    There is no jealousy between Soul Sisters because they see themselves as a team. They celebrate the wins as if it was their own. They also love when their Soul Sister is celebrated and rewarded for her talent, character and hard work. Yep, Soul Sisters are truly happy for each other.


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