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  • January 25, 2022 3 min read

    We, like all of nature, can not fake health and wellbeing. Thriving in life can only happen when we are nourished in body, mind, soul and spirit. In a world that has become accustomed to concentrating on how things appear, we can sometimes mistake thriving for fame and fortune. However, thriving in life has nothing to do with projections or a worldly definition of success and everything to do with the healed and whole person. We believe that to live a life that is full and flourishing, one must be free in 4 spheres of life.

    1. Physically

    To thrive physically we need the following seven things; clean water, fresh air, good sleep, real food, full sun, body movement, and consistent hygiene. 

    1. Nutritionists say we need six to eight glasses of water a day. We say, invest in a water bottle and take it everywhere with you.
    2. Researchers say fresh air cleans our lungs. We say, spend time with trees or if you live in a city, potted plants are what you need.
    3. Sleep doctors say sleep affects almost every tissue in the body. We say, buy yourself a good pillow and plan to give your body the sleep it needs.
    4. Dieticians say, eating well reduces the risk of physical health problems. We say, be mindful of what you put in your mouth.
    5. Health professionals say, without enough exposure to sunlight our serotonin levels can dip. We say, go outside and take in the light.
    6. Fitness instructors say, exercise produces stronger bones, muscles and joints. We say, stretch, bend, walk, jump, play and dance.
    7. Doctors say, maintaining hygiene practices reduces illness. We say, wash! Wash everything! Especially your body, hair, teeth and clothes.

    2. Mentally

    To thrive mentally we need the following five things: a good diet, supplements and vitamins, boundaries around screen time, tools to stimulate and process thought, and time with nature. 

    Science has proven that there is a link between eating well and a healthy mindset. Unhealthy eating is connected to a decline in physiological function. Our brains need nourishing foods like fruit, vegetables, grains and proteins. Likewise, supplements and vitamins can fill the nutritional gaps in our diet. Magnesium, fish oil and probiotics are good places to start.

    When screen time increases, mental wellness decreases. Setting boundaries around how much time we spend looking at a screen, whether it be a smartphone, computer or television, can help us to maintain brain health.

    Minds need to be stimulated and thoughts processed. There are many tools available that help to invigorate and strengthen the mind, ease worry, and filter out negativity. Art, music, writing and other creative practices are needed to cultivate imagination and curiosity. Furthermore, science has proven that the natural world, time spent with nature, has extremely positive effects on the mind. 

    3. Emotionally

    Thriving emotionally starts with having the discipline to put into place daily habits that benefit mood. Practices such as prayer and meditation, singing, and voicing affirmations, all contribute to a thriving inner life. An emotionally healthy person knows how to positively manage and express their feelings. They respond rather than react, are authentic and unafraid of being vulnerable, practice gratitude, stay open and connected to others and are aligned with their true intentions. 

    Healing is not linear and can not be rushed. It is important to know that emotional pain and suffering is not only part of life but needs to be felt in order to be fixed. To thrive emotionally is to feel and heal, not to avoid, suppress or be ruled by heartache. 

    4. Spiritually

    We understand the concept of thriving spiritually may be foreign to those who do not identify as spiritual. However, to be spiritually healthy is nothing more than having a sense of fulfilment in life. Living with hope and purpose, experiencing joy and contentment, demonstrating peace and patience, are all signs that you are thriving spiritually. 

    Spiritual people believe that they are part of a plan that is bigger than themselves. Words such as ‘called’ or ‘destined’ are often used to explain the circumstances surrounding their lives. Rarely is anything a coincidence. 

    To thrive spiritually one must first open themselves up to the possibility of a higher being/external force, and seek to incorporate spiritual disciplines into their lives such as being still, pursuing what is good, true and beautiful and living in service to others.


    And remember, you don't have to go fast, you just have to go! 

    May you flourish & thrive beautiful!

    Thrive Sister & Soul

    Featured photo by Angèle Kamp on Unsplash