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June 01, 2021 2 min read

 A Simple Jewellery Care Guide

Most of us have had moments when we notice the jewellery worn by a friend or stranger. Often it catches our eye because it is not only to our taste, but it also shines. Well cared for jewellery stands out! 

This is good news for those of us who do not daily adorn our body with diamonds. We know just because certain pieces are not valued in the hundreds or thousands doesn't mean they can't dazzle.

We believe the secret to having beautiful, long-lasting jewellery is nothing more than showing some tender, loving and caring. And when it comes to caring, we have bucket loads because regardless of the money spent, jewellery holds its value in how it makes us feel, who it is from, and the meaning and sentiment connected to it.

So without further ado, here's how we care for the jewellery we love


1. Invest in a Jewellery Box

Jewellery Storage

Firstly, it's all about storage, sister!

Ok, let us fess up. When it comes to leaving jewellery in random obscure places, we are guilty. Often our beloved pieces can be found on the bathroom vanity, in a handbag, or heck, shameful as it is, even in the family junk drawer.

Investing in a functional jewellery box (for earrings and bracelets) and a jewellery stand (for necklaces) is a great idea. Storing jewellery in this way will not only protect your pieces but will also keep them organised and prevent them from becoming tangled, scratched or lost.


2. Wipe it off before storing

Soft Cloth to Clean Jewellwry

It is also worth noting that when silver and gold are exposed to air, it causes a chemical reaction to create Silver Sulphate. This is the cause of the darkening of metals, which we refer to as tarnishing. To further protect the jewellery from discolouration, wipe it off with a soft cloth and pop it into a zip lock bag wrapped in an anti-tarnish strips (paper strips that help stop tarnishing by taking in sulphides and other pollutants.)


3. Put it on last

Girl Wearing her Sister & Soul Charm Necklace & Bracelets

Secondly, jewellery care is not so much about what is wiped on (soap and chemical solutions) but what is kept off. It is essential to keep jewellery dry and free from creams, cosmetics and body sprays. We suggest you do the old 'last on, first off' trick. Put jewellery on after you dress, do hair and makeup, and take it off first.

Additionally, keep jewellery out of the pool, spa, gym, laundry tub, shower and sink. Avoid contact with chlorinated water, chemicals, soaps and cleaners. Even sweat can cause some pieces to change colour, so exercise treasure free

Next, it is important to note jewellery cleaner is made for specific precious metals. Before using, we suggest you first identify what your piece is made of and then pair it with the best solutions and tools.

When it comes to pieces from Sister and Soul, we suggest all jewellery is wiped down or polished to maintain shine and avoid tarnishing. It is best to do this with a soft cloth (if you wear glasses, your eyeglass cloth is perfect for this).

It sounds simple because it is. The one thing that jewellery needs to stand out is a little LOVE.

Yep, Love always brings the sparkle.

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