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February 14, 2020 3 min read

Hey Girl! You are beautiful, you are loved you are enough!

Let's be honest though some of us find Valentine's day a drag. The thought of watching couples swoon while we spend another year unromanced is annoying at the least. We see the shops lined with teddy bears and chocolates in heart-shaped boxes and cringe because we expect that nothing will be delivered to our door. 

Well, don't worry sister, we have a 'lonely heart' pep talk for you.

1. Romance may be just around the corner...but even if it's're gonna be ok!

Cheers to all those who found love on any day other the fourteenth of February, that's most of us, right? Tomorrow you may run into the love of life and if not tomorrow maybe next Tuesday, or some random rainy day in October. Valentine's day shouldn't be a reminder of what you lack, but rather a celebration of what is possible and it is possible that there is a wild romance for you too darling. It's a celebration of love, of connection, and 'loved' is what you are no matter what! You are enough just the way you are, single, in a relationship, we say invest in those around you who love you most. Go out and live, do fun things...and love will find you when you least expect it.


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2. No love is better than fake love.

I know many of you are feeling this one. You have been in relationships where there has been sweet talk and cute texts, gifts and flowers, exciting trips away and maybe even the promise of forever, but when it comes to forgiveness, kindness, gentleness, understanding and loyalty, there seems to be a serious lack. This is fake love or should I say 'no love telling lies.' Real love is more than attention or affection. It is deep and true and proven time and time again. That doesn't mean we don't desire french champagne and poetry, heck, there are times when a girl needs to be serenaded, but showy things can never stack up against real love.

Valentine's day often highlights romance and the expression of feelings, which is beautiful but also fleeting and we should never care more than a minute or two for something that comes and goes as quickly as the day itself. It is ok to wait for what is rare, meaningful and lasting and such love doesn't always consider the calendar year. 

We say flip the story and give some Valentines love to all your girlfriends!If you want to show a little extra appreciation to your soul sisters with a special gift, we’ve got you covered, check out ourGalentine’s Day Gift Ideasfor our top picks for meaningful gifts to remind your girlfriends that you love them. Our stunning pendant necklaces and bracelets include word charms with unique inspirational words to remind her that she’s treasured. 

Hearts for Valentines Day, gifts for friends, Sister & Soul pendant necklaces, jewellery, gifts

3. You are LOVABLE Girl!

Ah even if the flowers don't come, you sweet thang are worth loving! When you feel the pangs of self-doubt, chin up work on that self-talk...we recommend giving the very thing back that you feel you lack. Find a target, maybe a good friend or a soul sister, pour out your love remind her how loved she is, your act of generosity and kindness will do more for your soul than a bunch of flowers ever could. Look for the opportunity to give love!

Hearts for Valentines Day, gifts for friends, Sister & Soul pendant necklaces, jewellery, gifts


4. Love yourself sick.

We encourage you to mark Valentine's Day by being kind to yourself. Take a little time to show yourself a little care. Run the bath, pour a glass or spoil yourself with a beautiful piece from one of our collections, either a pendant necklace, beaded bracelets or beautiful earringsIf you’re still feeling a little down, we’re here to help with ourTop 5 Ways To Combat Loneliness on Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s Day blues are probably more common than you think, but you deserve to feel great, so be extra kind to yourself this Valentine’s Day. Whether it’s focusing on the positives in your life, reaching out to friends or family, or doing something to give back, treat yourself with love this Valentine’s Day. 

You are LOVED . You are BEAUTIFUL . You are ENOUGH!


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Hearts for Valentines Day, gifts for friends, Sister & Soul pendant necklaces, jewellery, gifts