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  • December 29, 2022 4 min read

    10 positives affirmations for the new year ahead to help you get in the perfect mindset for a great 2023

    Though using affirmations has become a popular practice to improve overall well-being, it is a trend we hope never goes out of style. This is simply because the benefits are both life-enhancing and backed by science.

    Affirmations are words we choose to say despite how we feel. We do this to build a belief system that is geared towards our health and happiness. Regularly using positive affirmations can decrease stress, reduce anxiety, improve mood, promote confidence, enhance self-esteem, improve problem-solving skills and increase joy.

    Reading, writing or saying  life-affirming words, phrases or sentences daily can change how we think and feel, which determines how we act. Healing from emotional, physical or psychological pain is accelerated when we choose the things we think about and speak about with purpose. 

    Expansive thinking (thinking thoughts that are full of hope and potential good) moves us beyond ourselves and allows us to enter the realm of possibility. There are many thoughts that bring what is good, true and beautiful to the forefront. Meditating on and affirming them increases joy and wonderment. Believing these thoughts cultivates a new sense of freedom in our lives.

    With the new year looming, it is good to set a healthy mindset before you start. The following affirmations will help you to do this. Write your favourites down and place them where you can see them; on the bathroom mirror, on the fridge or in the front of your journal. Spend some time reciting them to memory and within time you will feel at ease or even excited about 2023.

    I am grateful for the lessons I learnt in the past year.

    This affirmation not only cultivates a sense of achievement but also helps us to recall the things we learnt in the last 12 months. It reinforces gratitude and the need to reflect to gather wisdom for the future.

    I am leaving all that is not love behind.

    It’s true that from year to year we experience hurtful things; the loss of a job, a dream or a relationship can taint every area of life. Dealing with disappointments, bitterness, resentment and pain is imperative to start the year well. 

    I enter the new year with courage and honesty.

    A commitment to honesty is courageous and good, especially at the very beginning. Courage is a decision to move forward despite feeling scared. Honesty is a way we approach whatever comes our way. This affirmation helps us to set a brave and authentic intention. 

    I let go and allow new things to unfold.

    It is hard to let go of what you want to hold onto. These 9 words help us to dare to trust that what's ahead is better than what we once had. It places emphasis on why things have ended even when we didn't want them to and incites hope.

    I open my heart up to beautiful possibilities.

    Similar to the above affirmation this one is all about making room for what comes next. In order to fill our hands, first we must open them; a closed fist can not take what is meant to be received. Opening our hearts is difficult if we fear getting hurt. It's ok to take our time with this, however, we must not stay closed. If we do, there is a lot we will miss. 

    I release unrealistic expectations and comparisons.

    Expecting a year void of any hardship is unrealistic. Sure, we experience years that deliver unto us dreams come true and beautiful memories, however a year void of any challenge does not exist. Comparing the coming year to any other year is also unwise. Saying this affirmation is a way to get rid of any temptation we may have to conger up false beliefs.  

    I am growing and becoming.

    We love this one. It's short and sweet yet full of power. It reminds us that we are not finished yet. There is still more to learn, accomplish and experience new things. No matter how old we are, if we are still breathing, we are still blooming. These words create a sense of excitement and remind us to extend grace to ourselves. 

    I am here to give and experience life to its fullest.

    This affirmation gets right to the heart of it all. It centres on generosity and the joy that is experienced in giving. It helps us to focus on what it really means to live a full, free and joyous life. It highlights the fact that we have significant work to do and a beautiful big life to live. 

    I forgive myself and those who hurt me.

    I know what you’re thinking, surely forgiveness isn’t as easy as saying an affirmation. Well no, it’s not, but affirmations do help. Instead of venting or plotting revenge use a forgiveness affirmation like this to help release hurt and process pain and loss. Remember, forgiveness starts as a choice, (based on your freedom) and gradually morphs into a feeling. 

    I will not fear.

    This affirmation encourages us to not be overwhelmed with worry. Moving into the new year means facing the unknown and for a lot of us that can feel terrifying. Saying, ‘I will not fear’ helps to steady our nerves and become more brave-hearted. 


    Photo by Autumn Goodman